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Items with "R" is a UniSea Rebuilt (Used) item.

PRICES and AVAILABILITY may change without prior notice.
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Michael Neff
E-Mail: Michael.Neff@UniSea.com
Tel: (907)581-7316


Rodrigo Tumbaga
E-Mail: Rodrigo.Tumbaga@UniSea.com
Tel : (907)581-7225

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Equipment And Overstock Items For Sale  Equipment And Overstock Items For Sale 

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1007973SLEEVE, SHAFT SCAN 146675-17 MODELS NB200/150 & BA250/2502EA$608.4250 %$304.21$608.42View
1062165PUMP, SCAN BA250/250-32 52032 UNISEA M711EA$9,122.4050 %$4,561.20$4,561.20View
1062166PUMP, SCAN NB200/150-32 52032 UNISEA M721EA$6,820.0850 %$3,410.04$3,410.04View
1062246RING, SCAN 522603 ITEM 62 LOCKING TYPE MOD BA2504EA$16.2250 %$8.11$32.44View
1062247RING, SCAN 521827 ITEM 69 LOCKING RING SUPPORT MOD BA2504EA$11.8750 %$5.94$23.75View
1062249IMPELLER, SCAN MOD BA250/250- 32 ITEM 41 P/N 1134021EA$7,109.6850 %$3,554.84$3,554.84View
1062254GASKET, SCAN 182654 ITEM 05 MOD NB200/150-321EA$31.1350 %$15.57$15.57View
1062256GASKET, SCAN 147882 ITEM 12 MOD NB200/150-321EA$4.3450 %$2.17$2.17View
1062257RING, SCAN 522348 ITEM 58 NB200/150-32 9612.5502.10 AS74EA$0.1450 %$0.07$0.29View
1062268GASKET, SCAN 183141 ITEM 05 MOD FB32/25-201EA$14.4850 %$7.24$7.24View
1062270RING, SCAN 520817 ITEM 69 MOD FB32/25-201EA$9.8550 %$4.92$4.92View
1062271RING, SCAN 523911 ITEM 83 MOD FB32/25-20 "NILOSRING"2EA$16.5150 %$8.25$16.51View
1063020MOTOR, TOYOTA 14530-11590-71 POWER STEERING, MDL 2FBCA151EA$2,418.1850 %$1,209.09$1,209.09View
1063021MOTOR, TOYOTA 14330-31560-71 HYDRAULIC, FOR MODEL 2FBCA251EA$4,819.6150 %$2,409.81$2,409.81View
1063022MOTOR, TOYOTA 14120-21562-71 DRIVE, FOR MODEL 2FBCA251EA$5,820.2150 %$2,910.11$2,910.11View
1063510KIT, TOYOTA 63310-14111-71 CARRIAGE ASSEMBLY1EA$77.8050 %$38.90$38.90View
1063749SLEEVE, SHAFT SCAN 146675-33 FOR NB200/150-32 52032 PUMP2EA$584.9950 %$292.50$584.99View
1065237RKNIFE, COASTLINE 16"X1/8" W/ 1" BORE FOR COASTLINE HEADERS5EA$51.0275 %$12.76$63.78View
1066653GEARBOX, HUB CITY 454 20:1 C RIGHT IP 1-1/8"ID OP 1-5/8"1EA$1,031.2050 %$515.60$515.60View
1067560SCREEN, DEHYDRATOR HX-700 .8MMD X 1.0MMT X 1.6MMP20EA$229.9950 %$115.00$2,299.90View
1069151CASING, TWIN SCREW UPPER CONVEYOR N202-91EA$3,323.3950 %$1,661.70$1,661.70View
1073147CYLINDER, TOYOTA 65650-U2110- 71 MOD 5FBCU25 S/N 616031EA$1,388.6150 %$694.31$694.31View
1074537BELT, KVP CT61016-AC RADIUS WHT140FT$43.7550 %$21.88$3,062.50View
1078308GEARBOX, HUB CITY 385-40-1-A 182TC 1-7/16 WORM GEAR REDUCER1EA$1,111.0050 %$555.50$555.50View
1990004GENERATOR SET - CATERPILLAR D399 800KW (USED) S/N 35B-44771EA 0 %$50,000.00$50,000.00View
1990005GENERATOR SET - CATERPILLAR D399 900KW (USED) S/N 35B-09831EA 0 %$50,000.00$50,000.00View
2300173BEARING, 6320 LLU NTN TWO SEAL M100 X 215 X 47 LLU13EA$298.3150 %$149.16$1,939.02View
2600271GEARBOX, HUB CITY 05TE 72.472 220-42877-90051EA$1,286.5050 %$643.25$643.25View
7100262DISC, SCAN 148127-33 ITEM 06 MOD NB200/150-32 WEAR DISC1EA$6,189.0050 %$3,094.50$3,094.50View
7100292SLEEVE, SCAN 183184 ITEM 17 FB 32/25-20 S/N 9612.5309-103EA$802.0050 %$401.00$1,203.00View
7100293DISC, SCAN 137939-03 ITEM 06 MOD BA250/250-32 WEAR DISC1EA$2,094.0050 %$1,047.00$1,047.00View
7100294RING, SCAN CASING ITEM #6??? PUMP TYPE NB 147075-02 APP????1EA$886.5050 %$443.25$443.25View
7300026BUSHING, SCAN PUMP ERSATZTEILE 037361820-2731EA$318.0050 %$159.00$159.00View
7300244SEAL, SCAN 521000 ITEM 80 * BA/250 & NB/200 USE 10081001EA$1.0050 %$0.50$0.50View
7600092RPUMP, SCAN SIHI CEHQ-1203-AA. 001.0B.0 UNISEA M751EA$486.1575 %$121.54$121.54View
79M0710100PUMP, SCAN BA250/250-32 WITH MOTOR (USED)1EA 0 %$2,500.00$2,500.00View
79M0720100PUMP, SCAN NB200/150-32 WITH MOTOR (USED)1EA 0 %$1,500.00$1,500.00View
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